Will Forte Still Considering “MacGruber 2”

Despite solid critical reviews, the 2010 Will Forte-led “MacGruber” film fizzled out completely at the box-office. Even so, in the years since its release it has developed something of a cult following and so talk of a sequel keeps coming up at different points. For his part, Forte tells EW that he remains committed to the sequel, though his commitments to FOX’s “The Last Man on Earth” are determining his schedule at the moment:

“There’s nothing I would rather do than that [MacGruber 2]. It’s not a question of if but when. This show takes up every second of every day. Come Feburary, if I have a little bit of time, Jorma [Taccone, who directed MacGruber], John [Solomon, who co-wrote the script with Forte and Taccone] and I will get together and we’ll start banging it out.”

He confirms that two-thirds of an outline has been completed and when it’s done the writing process will begin in earnest. He also drops a hint about the opening sequence:

“There is a possibility of starting it in a way that you would never ever start an action movie. We have this idea for a cold open, which we just don’t know if we have the balls to do. And we’ve done some crazy stuff. This is just like, ‘Do we really want to do this? Is this how we want to start out the movie?’ It’s pretty gnarly. But we might just have to do it.”

Forte was also asked if he approved of the news of CBS’ “MacGuyver” reboot to which he said: “I approve more than I approve of anything in the world.” He also adds that he hopes Richard Dean Anderson is a major part of that reboot.