Will Ferrell Suddenly Ditches His New Comedy

Just days before shooting was slated to begin, Will Ferrell has dropped out of the indie comedy “Captain Dad” at Protagonist Pictures.

The film, which chronicles a family vacation gone awry when their plans break down, was to begin shooting Monday in and around Cartegena, Colombia. Ferrell’s last-second exit has left director Sebastian Silva and the film’s producers Anne Carey, Bingo Gubelmann, Benji Kohn and Austin Stark stuck up the proverbial creek.

Several of the cast and crew are reportedly already in Colombia awaiting word on the project’s future and the producers are racing to fill the role in the hopes of moving forward with production soon, but there’s a chance the project may just fall apart now that its leading man has dropped out.

Michael Cera and Catherine Keener are slated to co-star in the film for which Silva also wrote the screenplay.

Source: THR