Will Daniel Craig Return To Bond? Maybe

With the new James Bond film “Spectre” heading for a $70+ million opening weekend, regular producer on the series Michael G. Wilson sat down with THR to talk about various things related to the film.

The big question is if Daniel Craig will return for more outings as 007. It has always been the assumption that Craig’s three-picture contract for Bond included an option for two more which were taken when the “Skyfall” follow-up was initially rumored to be a two-part film.

When “Spectre” was changed back to a one-film deal, that meant Craig was to do one more. Wilson however reveals that’s not the case: “We don’t have a contract” he says, but adds that he expects Craig would return: “I think we’ve got Daniel Craig.”

“Spectre” ends in a way that the franchise could reboot again, and with the next film both changing distributors and directors it would seem appropriate. Wilson also revealed the extreme lengths which Craig took to get the physicality of the character right:

“When we hired him, he [Craig] went into a six-month physical thing that really transformed his body. I’ve never seen anything like it. He must have added, I don’t know, ten inches to his thighs and the whole chest. He actually transformed himself. And he kept at it. And he eats this scientifically controlled diet all the time, and he goes to bed at nine o’clock at night when he’s making the movies. He’s like a monk.”

“Spectre” is now playing in cinemas everywhere.