Will Be Blood Gets Higher Rating

When American filmmakers go to the MPAA to appeal a censorship rating, in almost every case it’s to get the rating reduced.

In the UK however, the opposite has happened this week with Disney Studios successfully getting the British Board of Film Classification to raise the rating of Oscar contender “There Will Be Blood” from a 12A to a 15.

The original 12A meant that children of any age could see it with adult supervision. Disney, who wanted a more adult audience, appealed to the BBFC to reconsider and upon second viewing they did – raising it to a 15.

This is far from the first time this has happened. Whilst the NC-17 rating in the US is generally considered useless, the 18 adult certificate in the UK has no such stigma – enough that several horror films have been deliberately raised from a 15 to an 18 in order to achieve a more adult audience.