Wild Things Gets Massive Reshoots?

It looks like we may never see Spike Jonze’s film version of beloved children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are”. According to CHUD, executives for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures are considering reshooting the entire $75 million project.

Shot in Australia in late 2006, the project uses people in huge Jim Henson Creature Shop suit with the faces of the creatures to be added by CG later and which we got a glimpse of earlier this week in some leaked test footage. Unfortunately, this “has been proving to be more technically difficult than anyone had foreseen”.

On top of this, execs are apparently not only unhappy with both the performance of child actor Max Records in the lead role of the human boy but don’t like the film’s entire tone (too scary/weird). A test screening late last year in Pasadena scored some wildly differing reviews, mainly because for something designed as a kids film its quite ‘subversive’ and more art house than expected and so young kids in the audience apparently began crying.

The report indicates that if the film goes back to the drawing board they may dump Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers script altogether. Jonze has final cut from all reports so he doesn’t have to do reshoots if he doesn’t want to, but the studio could still take him off the project and put someone else in to take his place – despite previous attempts like that proving disastrous (“The Invasion,” “Exorcist: The Beginning).