Wild Things, Dragon Major Delays

The troubled Spike Jonze-directed adaptation of children’s classic “Where The Wild Things Are” will come out October 16th 2009, almost a full year’s delay from its original release in early 2009. This would also be almost three full years after the film was originally shot.

Paramount has also pushed back its kiddie flick, the 3D CG animated “How to Train Your Dragon” from November 20th 2009 to March 27th 2010.

Miramax has finally set a release date for the film incarnation of “Brideshead Revisited” which will open this July 25th.

First Look Studios has acquired Filmax Group’s “Transsiberian” and plans a late summer domestic release.

Dreamworks Animation has set “Crood Awakenings” for sometime in 2010,. The studio is also developing three other projects including “Interworld”, “Master Mind” and “Punk Farm”.

Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” has been bumped up two weeks to March 5th 2010.