Wigutow Rewriting “Osterman Weekend”

Jesse Wigutow (“The Ruins,” “Eragon,” “8 Mile”) has been hired to rewrite the script for “The Osterman Weekend” remake at Summit Entertainment says The Hollywood Reporter.

The second and shortest novel of Jason Bourne series author Robert Ludlum, the story has the host of an investigative news show becoming convinced by a CIA agent that the friends he has invited to a weekend getaway in the country are engaged in a KGB conspiracy that threatens national security.

The book was adapted once before in 1983 and marked the final film of trend-setting helmer Sam Peckinpah’s career. John Hurt, Craig T. Nelson, Rutger Hauer, Dennis Hopper, Meg Foster, Burt Lancaster and Chris Sarandon all starred.

The reboot will ditch the Cold War and spy elements and will switch around some of the occupations. Now the show host character will have a different job, and the CIA agent character will be a reporter who warns the man his friends aren’t whom he thinks they are. The reporter then gets killed, pushing the man into a desperate fight to survive and learn whom he can trust and why he’s being targeted.

Simon Kimberg (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”) is producing and penned the previous draft which was more faithful to the Ludlum book. Robert Schwentke (“Flightplan,” “RED”) is slated to direct while Peter Davis, Doug Liman and Jeffrey Weiner will also produce.