“Wick” Helmer To Direct “Sandman Slim”

Former stuntman turned “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski has been tapped to helm a film adaptation of Richard Kadrey’s nine-book fantasy series “Sandman Slim” for Studio 8.

The story follows fast-talking supernatural vigilante James ‘Sandman Slim’ Stark who escapes from Hell to avenge his girlfriend’s murder and hunt down the magicians responsible for getting him sent ‘downtown’.

Kerry Williamson (“What Happened to Monday”) will adapt the novel, taking over from previously attached scribe Kel Symons. John Lesher, Patrick Walmsley and Julie Yorn are producing.

Stahelski will direct the third “John Wick” which begins production in a few weeks, as well as the pilot episode of the planned TV series spin-off “The Continental” and an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker comic “Kill or Be Killed”.

Source: Deadline