Why “M:I-Fallout” Cuts Two Trailer Shots

Why M I Fallout Cuts Two Trailer Shots

Christopher McQuarrie’s “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” is already one of the best-reviewed films of not just the Summer, but the year with the kind of critical review aggregate scores even awards darlings would envy.

At 147 minutes and with a ton of action, you would think they’ve used most of what they shot – turns out there’s a quite a bit on the cutting room floor and we’re not talking just moments of character development either.

The film’s first trailer includes two key moments which are NOT in the final film – one where Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is hanging from a cable in the Grand Palais which snaps and sends him swinging. The other is the famed ‘money shot’ of the first trailer in which Ethan in a helicopter is racing straight towards an oncoming truck. Here’s captures from the trailer of both:

Speaking with Digital Spy, McQuarrie puts the excisions of both scenes down to the fact that the film actually has ‘too much action’ but offers hope that the home video release will include that:

“We put together this big, giant film and we were testing the movie, we tested it four times before we finally finished it, and there was just so much action in the movie. We had to choose what was going to stay and what will go.

I didn’t do an extended cut. The movie you see is the director’s cut, I really believe that whatever you see in theatres is what the process delivered. But there were some moments that we worked so hard on and they were so beautiful, we put together a little gift basket for people on the DVD.”

McQuarrie was also asked whether he would return for a seventh “Mission: Impossible” to which he says: “I would definitely need time to process that idea.”

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout” opens in cinemas from tomorrow.