Why “Genisys” Gave Away Its Spoilers

One of the more surprising things about this week’s release of “Terminator: Genisys” has been that the trailers have done little to hide the major spoilers in the film, and in fact have actively pointed out some of the big ones.


This has not only upset those going in hoping to be surprised, it has also not been a fun experience for the film’s director Alan Taylor who tells Uproxx that he had “a few heads up and a few unpleasant conversations” about the trailers ahead of time:

“I know there was kind of a challenging calculus going on in the heads of those who market this thing to decide that this was the right thing to do. I think they felt like they had to send a strong message to a very wary audience that there was something new, that this was going to new territory. They were concerned that people were misperceiving this as kind of a reboot, and none of us wanted to reboot two perfect movies by James Cameron. I think they felt they had to do something game-changing in how the film was being perceived.”

One such surprise has been the presence of the character of John Connor (Jason Clarke) in the pre-Judgement Day scenes and a big reveal about him there which takes place almost an hour into the film. Of that reveal, Taylor says:

“I certainly directed those scenes with the intention that no one would know. One of my favorite moments – and I think Jason Clarke did a great job with it – is when he walks into the hospital in 2017 and everything from there until the turn, you’re supposed to think, Oh man, this is great.”

It has long been rumored that ‘Genisys’ is just the start of a whole new trilogy, at the same time there’s been talk stirring over a potential new “Terminator”-related TV series.

Last week producer David Ellison revealed that the TV series is still going forward and hopes to be a thirteen episode cable-driven drama. However he would not get specific about the story other than expressing the hope that Skydance will get the chance to create a whole new ‘Terminator Cinematic Universe’ as it were.

“Terminator Genisys” is slated to open July 1st.