Why “Genisys” Didn’t De-Age Bill Paxton

One of the most impressive technical feats in “Terminator: Genisys” is the inclusion of the 1984 original “The Terminator” version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800. A combination of a body double with CG assistance, the result is a decently convincing recreation of the early scenes set around the Griffith Observatory in James Cameron’s first film.

One such moment is where the nude T-800 confronts three punks and demands their clothes. The dialogue, location and camera angles are the same, but one key difference are the punks themselves. Bill Paxton and Brian Thompson starred as two of the three original punks and have since gone on to have notable careers. Some have wondered why Paxton’s character at least didn’t undergo a similar CG-assisted de-aging process.

In a new interview with Cinema Blend, director Alan Taylor was asked this very question and said the reason was simply the case of taking things too far:

“If you love T1, you’re very aware of where he isn’t in the movie. I think that became a slippery slope… We were going to recast as we had to – Sarah and Kyle and Danny Dyson and Miles Dyson – and it would be glaring to have one guy pop up who also was the only non-Terminator to reprise his role.”

That’s not all though. It’s not just the recasting of the roles but the punks themselves scoring a very different look to their 1980s counterparts. The reason for that though is said to be due to Taylor’s sister – the indie rock artist Anna Domino:

“I hope I don’t piss off any fans too much, but I’ve got to say, the tire tread tattoo on the face is not my favorite part of that movie. You know, my sister was in the punk scene. I thought she was really, really cool, and she would smack me if I put a tire tread. So, I’ve heard some people are kind of pissed that we changed the hair styles, but you know, I loved our punks!”

“Terminator: Genisys” is slated to hit cinemas on Friday.