Who Wears Short Shorts? Marvel Heroes

With “Kick Ass”, “The Losers” and “Jonah Hex” tanking, the filmgoing public is definitely showing a lack of interest this year in comic-to-film adaptations based on lesser known properties. Now, Latino Review reports that Marvel Studios is considering a different strategy for their lesser known heroes – short films.

Much like Pixar does with their features, Marvel is apparently considering making ten-minute short films introducing lesser known superheroes (eg. Luke Cage, Dr. Strange) to play before Marvel’s two big tentpoles next year – “Thor” and “Captain America”.

This would seem to contradict talk earlier this year which emerged that the company was looking into generating lower budget films with promising directors to introduce their C-Grade characters. Then again both plans could well be in the works, but no official word on either approach is yet forthcoming.