Who Upcoming Episodes Preview

With “Doctor Who” off the air next week in the UK for the Eurovision song contest, the BBC has released a compilation trailer showing off scenes from the remaining seven episodes of the third season for the hit show.

Amongst the tales coming up are a trip to the 42nd century to stop a ship from falling into the sun, a two-parter in which the Doctor turns human and encounters Jack Straw monsters that turn people into vampires, a horror story about a haunted house in which people turn to stone, and glimpses of the final top secret three episodes involving the return of Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), acting legend Derek Jacobi and “Life on Mars” star John Simm as the mysterious Mr. Saxon.

The third season has proven a mixed bag so far, just as problematic as the second in the same areas. The first six episodes once again yielding a brilliant period piece (Shakespeare Code in Season #3, Girl in the Fireplace in #2), two pretty solid sci-fi/suspense tales (Gridlock & Lazarus in #3, School Reunion & Tooth and Claw in #2) and a somewhat weak opener and two-part Dalek story.

The breakdowns for the remaining episodes seem interesting though.

So far ratings remain very strong with the show still winning the night and regularly well placed in the Top 20, whilst new companion Freema Agyeman seems to have settled into her role quite well.