Who Is The Final Cylon?

The Season Four cast photo for “Battlestar Galactica” has solved at least one mystery – who won’t be the final Cylon.

Executive Producer Ron Moore says this ‘Last Supper’-themed spread in Entertainment Weekly is missing a key person – that being the last of the twelve Cylon models yet to be revealed.

“You ferreted that out pretty slyly, I didn’t want to give that away” said Moore when the magazine figured it out. Not shown in the photo are the likes of semi-regulars like Gaeta, Dualla, Cally, Dr. Cottle and Tom Zarek.

The photo reveals other spoilers though – Roslin burning something important, a new version of Number Six called Natalie who leads a renegade group of Cylons with a separate agenda, Apollo staying a civilian, Tyrol using a knife in relation to his hybrid child, and both Helo and Boomer looking intimidated by someone.