Who Is Joining “Legends of Tomorrow” S2?

The renewal of The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” for a second season seems to have seen a change in plan for the series. A while back it was suggested by one of the producers that due to the nature of the show, it could be more an anthology style series with much of the key cast being swapped out with other iconic DC Comics characters.

Now though, TV Line says that isn’t true and much of the original cast will still be in place for the second season and the producer talking about major changes to the cast was actually referring to the character’s personalities and experience instead:

“Our team for Season 2, if not in the [physical] makeup of the team, will be changed in the way that [the characters] will be different [people] – meaning, Rip, Leonard, Sara et al will have been changed as people by their adventures during Season 1. Regardless of whether that’s the source of your confusion, I have it on good authority that a wholesale cast change is not at all in the cards.”

The site does say though that the final scene of the May 19th season finale will introduce a “beloved superhero from the DC canon whose mysterious agenda serves as a launching off point for Season 2.” Fan speculation about that role right now puts the money on Booster Gold.

Upcoming episodes of the series will include iconic DC characters like Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, Ma Hunkel, Hourman and Sandman all making appearances but all of those are introduced before the finale.