Whitman Replaces Murphy As Tinkerbell

It’s a sordid story of corporate restructuring, drug-addicted (allegedly) celebrities, illegal immigration, tens of millions of dollars lost, and a lesbian innuendo-fueled kiddie movie.

Hollywood Newsroom has an extensive article on the casting of Mae Whitman (“Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “Independence Day”) as the voice of Tinker Bell, taking over the role from the previously linked Brittany Murphy, in the first of a series of direct-to-DVD CG-animated fairy adventures.

Unlike other publicised casting changes however, this one has a very complicated backstory involving the post-Eisner rape and pillage of Disney’s animation departments, Murphy’s husband who faces legal and potential immigration issues, and Disney COO John Lasseter’s attempts to rework the troubled “Tinker Bell” project.

The film has gone through two dozen versions of the script, a dozen different directors, and well over $50 million (potentially double that) in development costs. For two years the project seemed to have been buried until the Disney/Pixar presentation in April said it was back on again and announced Whitman’s casting just the other day.

It’s worth a read, click here to check it out.