Whishaw Talks Bond 25, “Paddington 3”

Out doing press rounds for BBC One’s “A Very English Scandal,” actor Ben Whishaw revealed he is strongly expecting to reprise his role as Q in the next entry in the James Bond franchise.

The new film would mark Whishaw’s third go in the role following his debut in “Skyfall”. The project is Daniel Craig’s fifth film in the James Bond role and widely expected to be his last go in the role.

Whishaw tells THR: “I believe I’m contracted to be in it. That’s as much as I know.” He was also asked about the hiring of Danny Boyle as director to which he said: “I was thrilled when I read that he was going to be doing it. I can’t think of a better, more exciting director for Daniel for the way that he’s taken the character. I think it’ll be really exciting to work with him. I’ve been such a big fan.”

Whishaw is also known as the voice of Paddington Bear in the celebrated two films and says that he’s unsure whether there’ll be a third one despite calls for it: “It’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into those films, so I’m not sure if it will happen. Or, if it does, I’m not sure when it will happen.”

Source: The Independent