Which Films Are Getting Superbowl Ads?

The Super Bowl is scheduled to air this weekend and with it will come some major new TV spots and trailers for various major film releases in 2016.

Though there’s no definitive publicly available list of which commercials will air and when during the broadcast, many of the key movie-related ones have already been announced or teased. Today, it’s time to break down what’s coming by studio. At a cost of $4.6 million to $5 million for a 30 second promo, it’s not something done lightly either.

First up, neither Sony Pictures or Warner Bros. Pictures have booked ads for the game.

Paramount Pictures has booked a 30-second spot for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows,” Universal Pictures is doing a 60-second slot for the fifth Jason Bourne film.

20th Century Fox has two 30-second spots – one for “Deadpool”, the other for “Eddie the Eagle”.

Lionsgate will have a pregame 60-second spot for “Gods of Egypt”.

Disney reportedly has multiple spots with a “The Jungle Book” spot confirmed, a “Captain America: Civil War” spot very likely, and the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” spot released the other day quite likely.

Super Bowl 50 kicks off Sunday 6:30pm US-EST on CBS.