Which “Deadpool” Scene Was Too Offensive?

Early fan screenings of “Deadpool” took place earlier in the week in Los Angeles and New York City where the film drew rave reaction on social media. Actor Ryan Reynolds also turned out for the event and answered a couple of fan questions.

The quotes start with ComicBook.com which says Reynolds confirmed the crew wanted the character of Taskmaster in the movie but it sounds like they couldn’t afford to use him: “We all wanted him. [The] studio just called us back and said ‘cha-ching.'”.

He also confirmed that they’re definitely talking about using Cable in the sequel if it is to go forward, and he hopes if “Deadpool” is a success it will lead to more R-rated superhero films:

“There are a lot of superhero movies out there on the market. It’s a genre unto itself. I personally would like to see more rated R ones. I just think it’s time. We’ll see if this holds. Hollywood shamefully copycats every movie that works – so if this does work, you’ll probably see more rated R films! I don’t think you’re going to see a rated R Avengers movie, but there’s room for other ones. I think there’s room for a rated R X-Force movie.”

Talking about the R-rating, it turns out the bar scene between T.J. Miller and Reynolds’ characters – the one heavily used in the trailers – got a little too offensive at one point. The scene allowed both to use their improvisatory skills, but it turns out the pair initially came up with a version that was simply to spiteful. Director Tim Miller tells Collider:

“That bar scene was particularly mean and offensive to a lot of people because T.J. and Ryan got together and wrote a version of the scene that we just said, ‘Oh my God, this is too far.’ I mean there were so many people offended it would have really been – we couldn’t do it. It was just mean and so I said, ‘No. We don’t have to do that.'”

Miller also commented on the scene, saying even they knew as they were crafting it they were initially pushing the level of tastelessness too far:

“We did kind of go back and forth and it just got more and more hateful…Ryan’s a very, very good improvisor, and he’s very funny and, like, one of the sweetest guys. It was very… heavy duty. There were some riffs that I don’t think – ‘You look like a trucker took a s–t on your shoulders and then shaped ears onto it,’…So it’s like, we’re missing some of those things.”

“Deadpool” opens in cinemas on February 12th. Meanwhile, with the Australia Day holiday taking place next week, Reynolds has recorded a fun message in character for Aussie fans which you can see below: