Where Will “Homeland” Go From Here?


Last night’s third season finale of Showtime’s “Homeland” brought a major shake-up to the thriller that has frankly been in the works since the first season – the death of Nicholas Brody.

Already renewed for a fourth season, the sometimes thrilling, often frustrating and occasionally ridiculous third season closed out not so much on a cliffhanger as what could have easily served as a full on conclusion for the series.

In a strange attempt to seek redemption, Brody assassinated a high-ranking Iranian official, and was ultimately hanged for it, in order for Saul’s plant to get the rogue nation under U.S. control.

Brody’s death has been a long time coming, in fact he was supposed to be killed off at the end of the first season – though plans changed once it was shown Carrie (Claire Danes) and Brody (Damian Lewis) shared such chemistry together. Then the plan was for two seasons. Ultimately it became three, with Brody absent for much of this year.

The show is now about to get around to doing the thing it originally planned to do long ago – reboot itself. With Brody properly gone this time, his family out of the picture, Saul now in the private sector and Carrie now considering a job as section chief in Istanbul – where can the show go?

The most logical scenario? Jump forward a year (or several), beginning with Carrie and Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) in Istanbul at work as they try to stop a new threat. Saul would come back into the action in some form a few episodes in.

But can that bring the show back to the heights it once achieved? Whether it likes to admit it or not, the show was originally built on Brody and the questions over his loyalty. Fans have stuck with it through its various fumbles over the last two seasons in a big way due to the Brody/Carrie dynamic.

With him gone, what’s left? The most Brody-less first two-thirds of this season give the best indication of what kind of show will remain. Will you tune in?