Where Does “Arrow” Go After THAT Finale?

“Arrow” producer Marc Guggenheim had promised the other week that when “Arrow” returns from its mid-season break in January, it will be a whole different show. Last night’s mid-season finale set the stage for that, with several twist reveals and a literal cliffhanger that took an unexpected turn.


Even though killing off main characters has become a more common thing, the brutal death of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) leaves many wondering what now? How does a show go on without the character that gives it its title?

Two words that are already popping up all over the place amongst fans are “lazarus pit,” the famed natural chemical bath that gives Ra’s his immortality in the comics. Indeed, Ra’s hints that this element will be explored in the episode where he says it has been 67 years since anyone has challenged him to trial by combat. Nable’s character is nowhere close to being that age let alone the 80-90 he would have to be for that to make sense.

The promo for the returning episode on January 21st suggests someone picks up Queen’s body. However, Guggenheim himself won’t confirm who, how or even if Oliver will come back. He also says on Twitter: “I probably should mention that the title of Arrow Ep. 3×14 — ‘The Return’ — does NOT refer to Oliver. Or Slade Wilson. #speculate”.

Here’s the promo for the mid-season premiere, the tenth episode of the season which will be titled ‘Left Behind’.