When Legal Goes Crazy – IESB.Net

IESB.net has been down for a while, but thankfully it’s back up and running. The story behind that disappearance however is intriguing and worrying.

The popular scoop site got taken down when Paramount Pictures legal department sent a letter to IESB’s hosting company demanding that their site be shut down immediately – claiming copyright infringement of Paramount property. No warning or notice was sent to the site editors.

The item in question? Spy video and images of the Iron Man set. The thing is, the video and images were not the studio’s property – rather footage by a fan with a camera across the street from an outdoor shoot on the project in a public area. Thus not a violation of copyright in any way.

Contacting Paramount publicists, it seems no-one was aware of what happened – the legal department apparently acted of its own accord and sent the notice. Apologising and reacting quickly, legal was ordered to write-up and send a retraction which was rushed through but it was too late to prevent almost a full day’s closure – resulting in lost business and traffic.

It’s great that the site is back, and one hopes Robert and Stephanie Sanchez (who’ve helped out big time on occasion with Dark Horizons in the past few years) will get something really great out of this in terms of recompense. Right now though your support would be welcome by heading over to IESB.net and sending in your best wishes.