When Can You Talk About TV Spoilers?

Spoilers. In these days of instantaneous social media reaction, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid them – especially when it comes to high profile TV shows that thrive on generating reaction.

TiVo conducted a poll of nearly 15,000 DVR users last month to ask them the question – how long after an episode of a major series airs is it OK to discuss spoilers? The results were as follows:

Immediately – 12.6%
Less Than A Day – 22.5%
At Least A Day – 27.7%
At Least Two Days – 10.9%
At Least Three Days or More – 22.7%

Some other interesting facts from the survey:

30% of respondents in U.S. Pacific Time states avoid going online altogether when a program with an ending they care about airs in other time zones.

More than 78% have had a movie, TV show or sports game spoiled at some point. The most common problem has been disclosure of a major show plot point (64%), though final results of sports games are deemed the outright ‘worst’ spoiler.

71.8% agree that a headline like “[Show] Boss Talks About Big Death In Last Night’s Finale” is considered a spoiler.

Source: Tivo & Deadline