Wheatley’s Peckinpah-Esque “Free Fire” Now Hits 2017

Following on from the interesting reaction to his dark satire “High Rise,” filmmaker Ben Wheatley is now looking towards something a bit more familiar but just as gritty and darkly comic with his next project “Free Fire”.

The real-time feature is described as a cat and mouse game of survival following a warehouse shootout when an arms deal goes wrong. Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, Michael Smiley, Sam Riley, Jack Reynor, Noah Taylor and Sharlto Copley star.

Talking about it in the film’s press notes, he says he was inspired by the films of Sam Peckinpah. He also adds that those familiar with his work on “Kill List” and two episodes of “Doctor Who” will recognise the energy he’s going for here:

“It’s kind of pure cinema. I wanted to do something that was dynamic and kinetic, that played up to things I really enjoy, like editing. You can see a bit of it in stuff like ‘Kill List’ and it’s in the ‘Doctor Who’ episodes I did as well. I grew up watching Sam Peckinpah films, I remember having a heightened reaction to things like the editing in ‘The Wild Bunch,’ ‘Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia’ and ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid,’ incredible.”

Wheatley is set to premiere the film as part of the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness program, but the big question is when it is getting a theatrical release? Despite a trailer having surfaced in cinemas two months ago, said preview has yet to appear online.

Today, A24 has confirmed they’ve shifted the film out of 2016 and will release it in the first quarter of 2017. The distributor has too many other features to concentrate on this Fall including awards contenders like “American Honey,” “Moonlight” and “20th Century Women”.

Source: The Playlist