Wheatley’s Next Is Women vs. Crabs

“Kill List” and “High Rise” director Ben Wheatley’s latest “Free Fire” arrived in UK cinemas this past week ahead of a U.S. rollout later this month.

After some downright trippy horror, dark comedy, pure sci-fi and esoteric social satire, “Free Fire” is a surprisingly straightforward action film – a single-set 1970s Boston warehouse shoot-out movie with random criminals (none of which are very good at being criminals) trying to kill each other.

His next film though returns him to strange worlds with the surrealist sci-fi “Freakshift” with Alicia Vikander reportedly in talks to star. Speaking with The Independent this week, Wheatley went into a bit more detail about the film:

“We should be making Freakshift this year which is a sci-fi film that Amy [Jump] and I have written and has been in development for about five or six years, so it looks like that’s finally going to happen. It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs. There you go, it sells itself.”

Wheatley says after that he’ll be trying some different genres:

“I think we’ll try and make a romcom at some point, and probably make a kids film and a cowboy film. We want to make stuff that it’s a bit more cheery and less murderous. We haven’t managed it yet but we dp want to do a film where no-one dies.”

Wheatley’s “Free Fire” opens in U.S. cinemas on April 21st through A24.