Wheatley, Hiddleston Reunite On “Hard Boiled”?

Following their pairing together on “High Rise,” it looks like we might be in for a reunion of director Ben Wheatley and actor Tom Hiddleston on a film adaptation of the Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow’s comic book “Hard Boiled” at Solipsist Films, Hollywood Gang and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Deadline reports that the studio is negotiating to acquire the comic property and is poised to set Wheatley (“Kill List,” “Free Fire”) to direct and adapt the script which will be developed as a potential vehicle for Hiddleston.

The 1990 comic focuses on insurance investigator Carl Seltz, who learns that he’s really a homicidal cyborg tax collector codenamed Nixon. A fellow robot informs him that he’s the last hope for their race to escape their programmed slavery.

Stephen L’Heureux, Bernie Goldmann and Gianni Nunnari will produce. Solipsist Films was behind the “Sin City” film while Hollywood Gang is behind “300”.