What’s Shooting This Week On Knight

Slashfilm claims to have gotten their hands on what a source claims to be shooting details for this week’s shooting of “The Dark Knight” and the details sound, quite frankly odd: SPOILERS AHEAD. Amongst the scenes to be shot:

-Harvey Dent reveals himself to be Batman at a wild press conference at Superior Court.

– The National Guard patrols through downtown Gotham.

– Reese (Joshua Harto) tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman’s identity.

– Bruce Wayne discusses his plans for Lau (Chin Han) with Lucius Fox..

– Someone breaks in to the Wayne Enterprises’ Research and Development, and Fox is notified.

– Jim Gordon explains “just enough” to get Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to issue search warrants.

– Jim Gordon tells Commissioner Loeb (Colin McFarlane) that his life is threatened, Loeb drinks to that.

– Harvey Dent promises the Mayor a crime-free 18 months right before a fake Batman hits the Mayor’s Office window..

– A fake Batman hangs from the flagpole outside City Hall.

– Jim Gordon tries to get Reese out out of the street entrance of a tv studio, but an angry mob appears.