What’s Next For Edgar Wright?

Edgar Wright, a man I adore as much as one can in a strictly heterosexual way, is out doing the promotional rounds for his latest work of genius – British action comedy “Hot Fuzz”.

Hitting the big time thanks to “Spaced” and “Shaun of the Dead”, two bits of Pommie genius the studios have thankfully not yet tried to turn into a pilot or remake for next year, Wright is not surprisingly in demand around town.

So whilst out promoting ‘The Fuzz’, Wright tells IGN and Teletext that up next for him is “Them”, what’s described as “a conspiracy comedy about one woman’s journey to unmask the secret rulers of the world”. Wright has teamed up with Mike White to co-write the screenplay on that one.

The adaptation of the comic “Ant-Man” apparently “is in a bit of a holding pattern” as it undergoes script revisions. “We’re figuring things out with the script and we haven’t initiated casting. Ant-Man went through several changes so we might too.”

He still plans to team up with Sean O’Malley on “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life”, and he’s already scheming further films with Simon Pegg. Pegg himself floated one idea – “We should make a really good drama – that would really surprise people! We could do something like Nil By Mouth, a really serious, gritty film”.