WETA Works On Key “Batman v Superman” Scene

In a lengthy interview with Collider (via CBM), Weta Digital senior visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri spoke about a number of topics with one quote in particular catching some ears.

Asked if Weta Digital were involved in the creation of the teaser for Comic Con in July, Letteri says: “We’re doing a completely different sequence. The sequence we’re doing is sort of self-contained, I don’t think you’ve seen any of that.”

The company’s work on “Man of Steel” was similarly a ‘self-contained’ part of the film – the Krypton-set opening sequence. Letteri’s quote suggests their work will probably be a similar here, and the most common suggestion that has come up in responses to this? Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira.

A portion of the shoot was originally slated for Morocco but was instead shifted to New Mexico where a temple-like structure was built and will likely score plenty of digital extensions. Could WETA’s work on the film tie into those structures and are they Themyscira?