“Westworld” S2 Episodes To Run Long

Fans are gearing up for the second season premiere of HBO’s “Westworld” this coming Sunday and in a new interview with EW, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy confirmed that some of the episodes will have a super-sized running time.

In order to accommodate the large scope of the story, episodes in the new season will be extended every now and then. It has become a common practice for normally one-hour long cable drama series ranging from “Game of Thrones” whose S7 finale was 81 minutes, to “Sons of Anarchy” whose final season effectively had an extra half-hour on many of its episodes.

Nolan says the premiere of “Westworld” S2 clocks in at a little over 70 minutes, the fourth goes just over an hour, and the finale is: “just going to keep going and going – it’s a bit of an epic.” The show’s first season had eight episodes clocking in just under an hour while the premiere and finale ran 68 minutes and 90 minutes respectively.

Early reviews of the first five episodes have called special attention to the longer fourth episode as a clear standout. “Westworld” returns April 22nd on HBO.