“Westworld” Creators Jump To Amazon

Westworld Creators Jump To Amazon

“Westworld” showrunners and married couple Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan have left Warner Bros. Television, both previously having individual overall deals with them. The pair have instead inked a rich nine-figure, four-year overall deal with Amazon said to be worth upward of $30 million per year.

The pair will continue to oversee “Westworld” as writers and executive producers for the life of the series and there reportedly are no plans to bring in a new showrunner for a potential fourth season or beyond as remaining at the helm of “Westworld” is a top priority for the pair.

The show’s third season is currently in production for a likely 2020 airing and the drama has yet to be renewed beyond that. Joy & Nolan are expected to create original series to premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, including the already announced adaptation of William Gibson’s “The Peripheral” which has a script-to-series commitment.

Source: The Live Feed