“Westworld” Creators Have Fun With Fans

The first season of HBO’s “Westworld” became infamous for the way speculation and theories by voracious fans led to numerous spoilers getting out and ruining the larger and less rabid audience’s enjoyment of the show.

Last night “Westworld” co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan made a bold statement, he and the the creative team would attempt to outmanuever the worst elements of spoiler culture by releasing a video detailing the entire plot of the upcoming second season to select fans.

Cut to this morning and the video has been released via a mysterious YouTube channel. What starts out legit turns into the “Westworld” equivalent of being RickRoll’D around the 90-second mark. You can see the video for yourself below.

Additionally, Deadline reports a few more people have joined the cast in recurring roles in the new season. Tao Okamoto, Julia Jones, Kiki Sukezane and Zahn McClarnon are hopping onboard while Martin Sensmeir (“Wind River,” “The Magnificent Seven”) is confirmed to return in a recurring capacity following a brief appearance as a native warrior in the pilot.

“Westworld” season 2 premieres on April 22nd.