Wes & Joe Become Hank & Mike

Wes Bentley and Joe Mantegna have been the cast in “Hank and Mike,” a dark comedy about two Easter bunnies being produced by Darius Films and Shoreline Entertainment. Matthiew Klinck is directing the film says The Hollywood Reporter.

Thomas Michael and writing partner Paolo Mancini wrote the script and play the title roles of two foul-mouthed Easter bunnies who get fired and try their hand at an assortment of odd jobs, their lives unraveling until they realize that without their jobs they are nothing.

Bentley will play an efficiency consultant, and Mantegna is the owner of Easter Enterprises. Michael and Mancini have been performing and honing the characters of Hank and Mike on television and stage in Canada since they created the rabbit buddies nearly 10 years ago.