Weisz & Amenabar Go Egyptian For Agora

Rachel Weisz and Max Minghella will star as astrologer mistress and enamored slave in Alejandro Amenabar’s “Agora” for Mod Producciones and Telecinco Cinema reports Variety.

Amenabar and Mateo Gil penned the story set in Roman Egypt in the fourth century AD. Weisz plays real life figure astrologer-philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria.

Trapped in the Library of Alexandria as religious riots flare on the city’s streets, Hypatia battles to save the collected wisdom of the ancient world.

Meanwhile, her slave Davus (Minghella) is torn between his love for his mistress and the freedom he could attain by joining the rising tide of Christianity.

Oscar Isaac (“The Nativity”), Ashraf Barhom (“The Kingdom”), Michael Lonsdale (“Munich”), Rupert Evans (“Hellboy”) and Homayoun Ershadi (“The Kite Runner”) also star.

This is Amenabar’s second English-language film after Nicole Kidman led “The Others” in 2001. The production is planning to give the story a hyper-realist approach in its attempt to portray ancient Alexandria.

Fifteen weeks of filming will start next Monday on location in Malta.