Weinsteins Score Michael’s Moore “Fahrenheit 11/9”

The Weinstein Company has secured worldwide rights to “Fahrenheit 11/9,” Michael Moore’s still in production documentary about Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Moore’s scathing 2004 documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” won Cannes’ Palme d’Or and, combined with the success of “Bowling for Columbine” two years before, made Moore a globally known filmmaker.

The Weinsteins distributed that film which became the biggest-grossing documentary of all time with more than $200 million worldwide. Several of the same production team including Meghan O’Hara, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal are returning for this.

Domestic and international rights will be shopped from this week Cannes, where it immediately will be one of the hottest of hot titles on the Croisette.

Source: Deadline