Weinstein Company To Pull Back On Slate

If it works for Disney, it can work for Harvey Weinstein too.

Variety reports that The Weinstein Company are scaling back on their slate in the wake of heavy layoffs and a failed attempt to sell off their TV division to Britain’s ITV. The plan is to release fewer movies, reducing their current output from eighteen films per year to a much smaller eight to ten films annually.

That also means fewer acquisitions at film festivals as they instead intend to develop pictures from the script stage and thus have a say in the creative process. With 30% of their revenue now coming from television, they will also put a stronger focus on those titles.

Though they’ve some high profile and acclaimed titles this year like “Carol,” “Macbeth” and the upcoming “The Hateful Eight,” they’re also coming off flops like “Burnt” and “No Escape” along with modest performers like “Southpaw” and “Woman in Gold”.