Weinstein Case Hit By Incorrect “Carol” Talk

Weinstein Case Gets Creepier With Carol Talk

Update (8/25): HeraldPR has shot down the original trade report, a rep telling Dark Horizons: “Weinstein saw the movie Carol in Todd Haynes production room and approved the cut instantly, and he never had any unused footage. Miramax and Haynes felt the footage as it was done was perfect. There never was extra, and the suggestion isn’t true, and Mr. Weinstein does not have any footage at all.”

They add the original story ran based on an unnamed source, no-one has asked Haynes himself about the matter and Killer Films has since confirmed there was no extra footage to be had.

Original: A new report at THR explores the issue of onscreen nudity and filming of sex scenes in the wake of the changes in Hollywood following events that lead to the rise of the #MeToo movement.

Amongst the changes are now stricter and more planned out nudity clauses and riders in film casting contracts, including stipulations about what happens to unused filmed footage from scenes involving nudity and/or sex. That led to a disturbing little anecdote involving Todd Haynes’s Oscar-nominated lesbian love tale “Carol” and disgraced studio mogul Harvey Weinstein:

“Sources involved with the 2015 Todd Haynes forbidden-love drama Carol, which included nude sex scenes between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, say there are worries that Harvey Weinstein, who distributed the movie, kept unused footage for his own personal collection.”

An insider who worked on the film added: “I don’t even think it’s possible to destroy anything in the digital age. The idea of anything being erased from existence is naive.” That’s now leading to new legal contract language in which actor’s reps get confirmation in writing of outtakes, cut scenes, etc. have been destroyed and if something does leak the studio is potentially up for damages.