Weaver Talks “Aliens” Future At SDCC Panel

There were various highlights from the “Aliens” 30th anniversary panel that took place in Hall H at Comic-Con on Saturday, and towards the end of that panel there came discussion about the direct sequel in development that “District 9” director Neill Blomkamp is behind.

Sigourney Weaver says it was during her work with the director on “Chappie” that she learned of his fan appreciation of the franchise and discussed the inception of this potential new chapter:

“[Blomkamp] was a fan who grew up in South Africa and loved the movies so much that he broke the tapes… We started chatting about how the series left Ripley. That whole first day on set we just started talking about it. I had never wanted to do a fifth [movie]. I didn’t want to go to Earth because I thought Earth was boring.”

Then Blomkamp came back with something that got her excited about the prospect of doing another outing as Ripley. The main catch now is finding time in their busy schedules as he has “District 10” and she has the “Avatar” sequels to shoot:

“Four months later I got a script that was so amazing and gives the fans everything they are looking for plus innovates, in a lot of ways. He has work to do and I have work to do… I am hoping when we finish those jobs we will circle back and start to do it.”

“Aliens” is set to get a special 30th anniversary Blu-ray release later this Fall.