Weaver, Cameron Talk “Aliens” & A Fifth One

How long it will be until (or even if) we see Neill Blomkamp’s proposed direct “Aliens” sequel is anyone’s guess at the moment, but it is becoming clearer that the film won’t even try to incorporate “Alien 3” or “Alien: Resurrection”.

As part of celebrating the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s “Aliens,” EW has done a new story on the film and included some interview quotes from those involved. First up there’s franchise star Sigourney Weaver who is slated to return for the film and essentially confirmed the new movie will diverge from the pre-existing movies:

“It’s just as if, you know, the path forks and one direction goes off to three and four and another direction goes off to Neill’s movie… I always wanted to complete this story and it wasn’t really until Neill and I started talking that I said, ‘This is why we waited however many years its been.'”

Weaver will be collaborating with “Aliens” director James Cameron on a number of sequels to “Avatar” in coming years. With the film set to get a 30th anniversary panel at Comic Con, Cameron revealed that he and producer Gale Ann Hurd have plans to be a part of it – something they didn’t really do for “The Terminator” 30th anniversary a few years ago:

“You know, it’s interesting. I don’t normally pursue these kind of nostalgia moments like we’re going to do down at Comic-Con, and I didn’t do it much at all for Terminator on its 30th, but there’s something about Aliens. It was a milestone for myself and Gale because the film got seven Academy Award nominations. All of a sudden, we were playing in the big league. So looking at it retrospectively, you know, [Gale] and I both feel that was more of our graduation, or breakthrough, than Terminator – even though Terminator’s the film that put us on the map.”

Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser and Michael Biehn will also be a part of the panel which will take place Saturday, July 23rd in Hall H at Comic Con. Meanwhile 20th Century Fox has also announced a 30th anniversary special edition home video release of “Aliens” which includes flash new packaging.