Watts Returning For “Spider-Man” Sequel?

It looks like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” director Jon Watts will likely return for the upcoming sequel, that is if both Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige and producer Amy Pascal have their way.

Speaking with Collider, the pair say they have every intention to bring the “Cop Car” helmer back. Asked point blank if he’ll return they responded:

Feige: “Certainly that’s the intention for sure.”

Pascal: “He knocked it out of the park. We would be crazy [not to]. He did a wonderful job and the whole atmosphere of the movie, all the things that people like about it are the things he brought to it. He’s really special.”

Watts himself was a bit more hesitant but suggests he’s already signed up anyway:

“I don’t like talking about anything until the movie comes out… [But] yeah I think I’m signed for two movies.”

Feige says within the studio the sequel is going by the working title of ‘Homecoming 2’ at the moment, but that won’t be the film’s actual title. The final title won’t have a ‘2’ in it and will be in the ‘Spider-Man: Subtitle’ format.

Separately, Feige tells io9 that they’ve already worked out the timeline for events in the sequel as compared to the greater MCU and so will begin scripting the movie in the next few weeks:

“Much like, as we went into Homecoming, we knew all the general pillars, you then need the magic of the writers and directors to bring it all to life, So we’re in that same position and we’ll actually start putting pen to paper on the next Spider-Man film in the coming weeks once this film is finally released. But we do know the specifics and the time line.”

The “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sequel is due out July 2019. Check out the recent press conference for the first film in full below.