Watson, Pugh & More Up For “Black Widow”?

Watson Pugh More Up For Black Widow

A new rumor has gone up indicating that several actresses, including “Harry Potter” alum Emma Watson, have auditioned for the secondary female lead role in the solo “Black Widow” film opposite Scarlett Johnasson.

That Hashtag Show claims that Watson, Florence Pugh (“Lady Macbeth”), Alice Englert (“Beautiful Creatures”), and Dar Zuzovsky (“Hostages”) all recently auditioned and “made a strong impression” on the studio.

The site stresses that nobody has actually been offered the part yet and others could well be in the running. The name of the character also remains a mystery beyond it being a female James Bond-type.

What is confirmed is that Cate Shortland is slated to direct the film from a script by Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson.