Watchmen Fight Gets Nastier

The legal battle over “Watchmen” is about to get nastier and more encompassing as lawyers for Warner Brothers shot back at Fox in a joint report submitted to federal court on Friday reports The New York Times.

As previously reported, Fox plans to seek an injunction blocking Warner’s planned release of the superhero film next March.

Warners has now come back arguing that Fox “sat silently” as producer Lawrence Gordon took the project “to studio after studio with Fox’s express knowledge” and paid the studio a third of a million dollar sum for the rights to the property as early as 1991.

Warners says Fox was even offered the opportunity again in 2005 to make the film but “simply rejected it,” and they’d gone so far as to grant Warners rights to the title “Watchmen” which they had earlier registered with the MPAA.

Fox claims Gordon did not keep the studio apprised of his plans as required by a 1994 agreement under which he was supposed to deliver a much larger buyout price that has never been paid.