Watchmen Director’s Cut Goes Theatrical?

Dark Horizons first broke the story of a three-plus hour director’s cut of “Watchmen” coming to DVD back in November and now it looks like said cut may be making it to the big screen as well.

Talking with VH1, Director Zack Snyder says that the 190-minute director’s cut will be hitting DVD & Blu-ray shelves in July and, if the theatrical cut performs well, the director’s cut will get a theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York around the same time.

Take not this is NOT the ‘Ultimate Edition’ DVD with a shortened version of the 24-minute Tales from the Black Freighter animated short re-incorporated back in. That 205-minute version will likely only be seen on DVD & Blu-ray.

Meanwhile the new issue of Entertainment Weekly features six covers featuring the key characters from the film, click any of the shots below for the larger versions: