Watch Dogs PC Errors & False Bomb Scare

It may be breaking sales records for the company, but Ubisoft’s much hyped “Watch Dogs” has faced two unfortunate minor problems in the last few days.

First up, players who purchased the game on PC are reportedly experiencing a range of performance issues. Despite having rigs which meet requirements, reports have emerged on the game’s Steam listing page of stuttering graphics, misaligned audio cues and frequent crashes. Players are also reportedly having various Uplay authentication issues.

Digital Foundry’s Performance Analysis of the game confirmed stutters and tears appearing in the PC version, “even with powerful gaming hardware.” This is also a much worse problem on PCs running with AMD components rather than Nvidia hardware. The analysis confirms that adjusting texture quality is the most effective way to mitigate the negative effects.

In related news, Mumbrella reports that a publicity stunt for the game in Australia backfired when the bomb squad was called in over a mysterious black safe delivered to the newsroom of Ninemsn (essentially the Australian equivalent of CBS News).

The anonymous package, dropped off at the offices without being signed for, also contained a “suspicious” letter instructing the reporter to check their voicemail. The reporter didn’t have one, so office staff entered a pin taped to the top of the safe, and it began to beep but still did not open – leading to fears that it could be an explosive.

Staff were sent home and the bomb squad took the safe into the building’s basement where it was opened. Inside was a copy of the game, a baseball cap, and a beanie. The company has since apologised for the stunt, a spokesperson saying things didn’t go as planned as the safe not only had the wrong pin code attached, but they were also unable to leave the crucial voicemail for the journalist explaining what was happening.

Source: IGN