Watch Dogs Film Adaptation On The Way?

Its gameplay trailer stole the show at this year’s E3, now Ubisoft is reportedly already considering developing its 2013 console game “Watch Dogs” into a feature film.

Fusible reports that the company has purchased numerous domain names, each different variations of a “Watch Dogs” film including –,,,

The report comes just days after news emerged the company was in talks with Paramount and Warner Bros. over turning their “Tom Clancy Splinter Cell” game series into a potential film franchise.

Unveiled at E3 for release on Windows, PS3 & Xbox 360 next year, “Watch Dogs” is an open world game that revolves around information warfare. The action is set in an alternate but contemporary Chicago where a supercomputer controls almost every piece of technology in the city.

The player has the ability to hack into various electronic systems, either to obtain and control information or to destroy those devices completely at specific times.