Was The “Deadpool 2” Budget To Blame?

Over the weekend came the unexpected news that “Deadpool” director Tim Miller was bowing out of the sequel due to creative differences. That was followed up by a report that those differences came down to a matter of tone and casting.

The latter indicated Miller wanted Kyle Chandler to play Cable and have the film go in a more stylised and less jokey direction, whereas producer and star Ryan Reynolds didn’t want Chandler and wanted to keep the tone of the first film. 20th Century Fox sided with Reynolds, so Miller jumped over to another project at Fox which would suggest this split was all fairly amicable.

Now another report has gone up, this one via The Wrap which says the sequel has been in the works before the first film was even in front of cameras. However, by the time it was officially announced in April at CinemaCon, Tim Miller was already starting to have some creative disagreements not only with Reynolds, but with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Reynolds, Reese and Wernick wanted a sequel that was very much like the first rilm – raunchy comedy, spunky attitude and smaller scale action. Miller wanted something more stylized on the scale of a big budget superhero film. The difference? Budget – Miller’s would have cost three times as much as the $58 million original, Reynolds would have been around the same as the first.

At least two noted online writers have since dismissed the report about the budgetary discrepancy. However, the other reasons for the disagreement, though still unconfirmed, aren’t so easily dismissed. Production is expected to begin sometime next year with a presumed release date in 2018.