Warrior Helmer Tackles “Tell No One”

Gavin O’Connor is in negotiations to direct the new adaptation of author Harlan Coben’s novel “Tell No One” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures.

The story follows a pediatrician out on a lake with his wife when she suddenly vanishes and he is attacked. She turns up dead and is declared the victim of a serial killer.

Years later, more bodies turn up and the doctor becomes the prime suspect, while at the same time he is given evidence that his wife wasn’t dead at all and has gone into hiding for something related to the work she did.

The project has been in limbo since the departure of the previously attached Ben Affleck as director. With O’Connor onboard, development is resuming using the existing script by Chris Terrio (“Argo”). Frank Marshall is producing.

The film will have to compete with Guillaume Canet’s well-regarded and internationally successful French language adaptation in 2006 starring Francois Cluzet, Kristin Scott Thomas and Jean Rochefort.

O’Connor recently wrapped production on the western “Jane Got a Gun” which he took over after the departure of Lynn Ramsey.

Source: Variety