Warren Ellis To Pen James Bond Comic

“Transmetropolitan” creator Warren Ellis has been set to pen the opening story in Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing and official James Bond comic series.

The comic will include a mix and mash of three different kinds of stories. The first will be set in the present day and will be written by Ellis who will be joined by former Wolverines and Batwoman artist Jason Masters.

The second will be adaptations of the original Fleming novels from a variety of creative teams. The third will be what the project was originally announced to be – an ‘origin’ tale. Each of the three kinds will be written in the context of their original time periods.

Ellis’ first story is “VARGR,” a comic in which Bond returns to London to pick up a case being followed by a fallen 00 Agent. Ellis has previously expressed interest in exploring the damaged side of Bond covered in the novels but rarely explored in the film adaptations.

The comic begins in November, timed with the release of the next Bond film “SPECTRE”.

Source: CBR