Warren Beatty Considers A “Dick Tracy” Sequel

Over a quarter century since its release, Warren Beatty is reportedly considering making a sequel to his 1990 film adaptation of the “Dick Tracy” comics.

Beatty, Al Pacino, Madonna, Dustin Hoffman and Dick Van Dyke starred in the original which made nearly $163 million on a $47 million production budget and boasted a bright, comic book sensibility. A sequel has been talked about for years but was only possible after a rights dispute was settled in 2013.

Producer Arnon Milchan revealed the news whilst receiving the Legends of Cinema Award at CinemaCon on Wednesday, saying Beatty was “very serious” about the project. Following that, Beatty confirmed the news saying: “I’m serious about it, but I am slow about these things.”

Milchan added that he hopes the project will be completed within two years. Milchan’s New Regency Productions is also producing Beatty’s long-gestating Howard Hughes biopic in which he plays the aged billionaire. That film, which still has yet to be titled, will be released by Fox and will target a late 2016 release right during awards season.

Source: Variety