Warners Unconcerned By “Dawn” Box-Office Drop

Last week a quote from a studio representative about the opening weekend box-office for Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” lit a match to the debate over the film’s reviews and the relevance of critics.

This weekend, Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein has offered a quote to THR responding to a question about the film’s steep drop in its second weekend in various markets. He says the studio is presently unflustered:

“We’re not concerned with the drop. No matter how you slice it, to get to $52 million on any given weekend is an enormous accomplishment. We’re most focused on where we are in total. And our global number is huge.”

‘Dawn of Justice’ grossed a further $52 million domestically and $85 million in international markets this weekend – domestically that’s a 68% drop despite no real competition. Even so, the film already stands at a whopping $681 million worldwide total so far.